Driffield Church of England VS School

Hello Krishna,

The children had a wonderful time with Indri yesterday. The children were buzzing about what they had experienced. They were given a great introduction to Hinduism and enjoyed listening to the stories and dancing.
We are interested in booking you for next year and we will be in touch soon. I am very happy to recommend you to other schools in the area.

Many Thanks


Cockernhoe Endowed C of E Primary School

Dear Krishna,

I would just like to say thank you. The children at Cockernhoe School had a fabulous day. The display and resources were fantastic and really well presented we enjoyed the colourful presentation and the lovely stories which they promoted. During the parent assembly Idri talked a lot about the similarities between other religions and in particular towards Christianity, we have not asked the parents before and as a Church school were a little apprehensive of their opinion, they really enjoyed the presentation. KS1 enjoyed the event very much, they enjoyed the dressing up most, the children love interacting and role playing the stories. KS2 also enjoyed their afternoon of Hinduism.

A little feedback from the KS1 children –

I loved the Rama and Sita story.
I liked being the Goddess of animals.
The meditations was relaxing we felt chilled.
I liked doing the actions to the story of Ganesh.
I loved the story of the cow that cried.
It was fantastic, I really love how they dress.
The best bit was where he said ‘Meditation.’
We had a wonderful Hindu experience at Cockernhoe, as we did two years ago, and I am sure we will be in touch very soon to book another.

Thank you once again for your time and energy with the planning and correspondence, very well organised. it has been a pleasure to work with you.

Kind regards

Jane Williams

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Congleton

Hi Krishna,

Thank you for yesterday, it was brilliant! The children learnt so much and really enjoyed the practical elements of the workshop.

We will definitely recommend you to others and be in touch about future workshops.

Many thanks


Somersham Primary School

Hello Krishna,

A big thank you to Indri for his informative, colourful, vibrant & fun visit. The children and staff had a wonderful morning and learnt a lot. Indri held the attention of a difficult bunch of year 5/6’s who all got involved and listened attentively all morning – a testament to his superb delivery and resources. I would highly recommend your services to other schools and am hoping to book again for our KS1 children next school year when I know where Hindusim fits in to our yearly curriculum plan.

Many thanks again,


Mrs S Furness BA (Hons)
Class Teacher
Somersham Primary School

Guilden Sutton Primary School

Email from Theresa Rainsford, Deputy HT:

Thank you so much for our fantastic workshop yesterday. All the children had a wonderful day and learned so much – they haven’t stopped talking about it! We’ll definitely be recommending your workshops to others. We will have a look at our diaries and think about booking for next year – I’ll be in touch with some dates!


In the meantime, here are some comments from the children about what they enjoyed or learned:


  • We enjoyed the stick dance (part of Holi celebrations) and we learnt about the story of Sita and Rama.
  • We always thought that there was only one god in Hinduism but I understand that there are many (but some people do think that there was one major god).
  • I enjoyed taking part in the stick dancing because it was so unlike dancing in our culture.   When I wore the man’s clothing, it gave me some idea of what it would be like wearing the clothes in a hot country
  • I loved the dancing outside as it was very different and full of energy.
  • In the stories, there were good and bad characters and it made the stories very interesting.
  • I really like the stories about Krishna and his flute-playing.
  • I enjoyed the stories that she told us also all the activities were really fun.
  • Painting our hands and faces and putting on a bindi, was educational and fun.
  • I loved painting our faces and painting our hand I also enjoyed dancing outside.
  • I enjoyed learning about Krishna as an avatar.
  • I really enjoyed the workshop on Hinduism! I learnt lots of new and interesting information. Thank you Krishna for such an amazing experience!
  • All the stories were unique and so entertaining! Thank you Krishna for giving up your time for a wonderful day.
  • Thank you so much, you taught us a lot, I really enjoyed all the stories and it was a brilliant experience.
  • Thank you Krishna, I learnt so much!
  • I REALLY enjoyed the Hinduism day and I would give it a 10/10!
  • I was surprised that most Hindus are vegetarian.
  • I didn’t know before that Hinduism originated in India.
  • I loved dressing up it was really fun, I hope we do something similar again in high school.
  • I really enjoyed the Hindu day and I would definitely recommend it to other schools.
  • I really enjoyed meditating because it got all of the stress out of me.
  • I can’t believe it’s our last time doing the Hinduism workshop, thank you I enjoyed it very much!
  • I really enjoyed the Hinduism day and learnt a lot.
  • I loved it when we did the stick dancing and when you told us about the god and the demi gods.
  • I loved all the magical stories!
  • I didn’t know before that not all Hindus believe in exactly the same things.
  • I enjoyed learning that some Hindus believe in one god and some believe in lots.
  • I liked it when we talked about animals. Hindus drink milk from cows that they own and they are sacred.
  • I thought it was great that important people keep cool with a fan made from yak’s hair!
  • I was surprised that Hindus believe in more than one god.

St Michael’s RC Primary School, Chatham

The children really enjoyed themselves and took away lots from the workshops, Indri was amazing! As  for next year we haven’t timetabled it yet but will definitely be using you again. My head has passed an email around local schools so hopefully you will hear from them.


Kind regards and thank you


Mrs Collins

The Queen Elizabeth Academy

We had a fantastic morning and students really benefited, from the session. I need to see the timetable for next year which will be the last couple of weeks of July but then i will book etc. Thank you very much.

Nic Patel

Curriculum Leader of RE

The Downs Malvern

Dear Krishna,

It was lovely seeing you again and many, many thanks for running such a great workshop for the children. They all thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you go on The Downs Malvern Facebook page you will see lots of photos of the day. They are delightful!

I will be in contact re another booking.

Best wishes


Manor Park Primary Academy, Sutton

Hi Krishna,


We had a fantastic workshop with Indri today! The children were so excited and spoke about it all afternoon! Indri was brilliant with the children and the children learnt a lot from him. 

We would have loved for it to have been longer so hopefully next year we can arrange that so the children have the opportunity to do some whole year  group dancing. Unfortunately we had to pack up to get the children to lunch on time and could not fit it in so we will definitely try and consider booking you for a longer time next year. 

We hope to book with you again soon for next year once we have had some dates confirmed. 


Many thanks and kind regards,



West Road Primary School, Doncaster

Krishna, it was fabulous, the children were ‘buzzing’ afterwards. A huge thank you to Indri for a super day. We will be recommending you to our school’s network, Indri gave me some leaflets which I will pass on.


I have absolutely no doubt that the children gained both knowledge and enjoyment from the day. The Head Teacher was really impressed by the responses of the children she spoke to after their workshop.


Once again, a huge thank you to both you and Indri.


All the best,