Packwood Haugh School, near Shrewsbury


Dear Krishna,

I hope you are well?

Please could you pass on our thanks to Indra for coming today. I had to get back to lessons so I didn’t quite see him as he left. The children had a very worthwhile morning with him and it was all very much appreciated by myself and our Year 5 children. We all learnt something new and we had some fun!

Many thanks

Best wishes to you and your team.



Mrs Roz Edwards,

Head of Religious Studies


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Fleetwood

Indri was amazing. What a lovely gentleman to speak to. His resources and organisation was excellent. He gave us some lovely feedback too. We will definitely be organising another celebration of living in a multi-faith society next academic year. Once I know when I will definitely get you booked in.

 Thank you for all of your help in organising it.

Catherine Sewell

Woolton Primary School, Liverpool


Dear Krishna

We had the most wonderful day yesterday as always.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have learnt lots of new things.  The day is always so well balanced with the right mix of educational content and fun!  The wide selection of excellent resources kept all the children engaged.  This is our third year and we will be booking again for next year soon.

Many thanks to yourself and Indri






Knayton C of E Academy, near Thirsk

Hello Indri and Krishna,


Sorry for the late response, we had an inspection that last Friday of half term which took up all of our focus.


I would just like to say though how amazing Indri was and how much both our children and staff enjoyed the workshop. As discussed with Indri we have recently converted to an academy and will share your business with our sister schools. All staff said you were one of the best workshops we have ever had! If you would like us to write you a review somewhere, we would love to!



Best wishes,

Hannah Spencer

Curriculum Leader

Professional Leader of Religious Education (PLRE)


Sutton on Trent Primary School

Thanks Krishna,


We had a great day – we couldn’t believe how many resources Indri had – that really added to the experience for the children. They loved the day and learnt so much – as did the staff!


As we are a small school, we do a 4 yearly cycle so we’ll be in touch in 4 years!


Many thanks also for responses to emails/ planning stage, which was really good.




Norwich High School for Girls (GDST)

Dear Krishna and Indri,

It was great seeing you both and the girls very much enjoyed the day.
I think it work particularly well having both of you there, although I realise that this might not always be possible. The structure of the day worked very well doing the story telling and listening first and then the more practical activities. I very much like the interactive way of story telling as it get the girls involved and they pay more attention. The dancing, dressing up, make up and the wedding are just the ticket.
So, thanks again and we would love to have you here again next year.
Hope that works out.

Best wishes!


Mr AC Emerson-Moering

Head of Religious Studies

The Willows Primary School and Nursery

Dear Krishna,

Thank you very much for that feedback, we hope Indri enjoyed it as much as we did.

The children engaged well and kept their Bindis on for the remainder of the day, having conversations with other children in the playground when asked about them.
The workshop had all the children focused and allowed for adult and child input.

Everyone who saw the workshop commented on how lovely it was and we will definitely be looking to book you again. Year 3 and 4 work on a 2 year cycle, so when I know which year group will be studying Hindu next year we will book.

I hope Indri had a safe drive home.

Thank you again.


Taverham VC CE Junior SChool

Dear Krishna,

I have had very positive feedback from my colleagues and my class asked me this morning if we can invite you back in later this year, which can also be counted as positive feedback!

Thanks so much for coming in; I hope to personally be able to attend the day next year, and I will be in touch later in the year to reserve a date for next year.

All the best,

Robyn Comfort

Rowlands Gill Primary School

Hi Krishna,

Thank you so much for your email. We have thoroughly enjoyed our workshop today and would highly recommend it to other schools. Indri has given me some leaflets, which I am going to hand out when I am next on a course in the Local Authority!

With regard to feedback, all three classes which were involved have found Indri’s workshop funny, engaging, pacy, exciting and inspiring. The range of artifacts that Indri brought was truly magical for the children- it was like having a taste of India in our school. What was equally lovely was that just like week, we were talking about a range of Indian spices in our literacy lessons (comparing them to the colours of the rainbow) and Indri was able to show us some real-life examples of these spices, including saffron, which we were all very excited about.

Indri was efficient with setting up and he was able to make use of the space provided. Even when there was a slight issue with the amount of children/staff available to help with the face-painting, Indri remained calm and quickly came up with an alternative solution to ensure that all of the children had their face painted.

I would love to look to book for next year, however, I was mentioning to Indri, as a school we are not sure who is going to be teaching in which year group next year. As soon as I know, I will be in contact. Similarly, if it is not me who is in Year 1/2 for the India topic next year, I will be recommending your workshop for them (in high regard!).

Thank you again for all of your help in organising this event, Krishna, and a huge thank you to Indri too for all of his hard work in putting the day together.

Take care,

Abbie 😆

Driffield Church of England VS School

Hello Krishna,

The children had a wonderful time with Indri yesterday. The children were buzzing about what they had experienced. They were given a great introduction to Hinduism and enjoyed listening to the stories and dancing.
We are interested in booking you for next year and we will be in touch soon. I am very happy to recommend you to other schools in the area.

Many Thanks