Booking Request Form

Please make sure you have read our Planning Your Visit page. If you require more information please refer to our FAQ or feel free to contact us in person.

  1. Complete this online booking request form.  (At this stage you can still cancel if needed without a cancelation charge.)
  2. We aim to contact you within 24 hours to discuss and mutually agree a firm booking date, timetable, fee, and all other details.
  3. Four weeks before the visit, we email you a comprehensive information pack including the proposed programme, invoice (not payable until after the visit), and some other helpful information.
  4. You promptly complete, sign and return to us our simple Agreement Form.  This is the tool we need you to use to let us know if we have all the details right, or of any changes that need to be made. We will adjust the programme as you specify, if needed.  The Agreement Form is a contract between Hinduism Education Services and your institution.