Our workshop does not depend on the students’ being prepared in any way in advance.  Schools use the workshop in various ways, some employing it as the sole input on Hinduism; others incorporating it at the introduction, interim, or end of a course of study.

On the day of the visit, we ask that school staff adhere to the times agreed on the timetable, as we have made lesson plans and brought equipment accordingly.  At the same time, we are happy to negotiate changes to the programme in the days preceding the visit.

Our standard procedure is that we email you a proposed programme based on input we receive from you on your booking request form.  We send this to you four weeks before the visit (or later if yours is a late booking).  When you receive the proposed programme, you can let us know of any changes that need to be made, and we will update the programme for you as you specify.  The best way to let us know about any changes is to type these on the Agreement Form that we provide, and email this back to us.

As a rule we send one presenter, although occasionally Indri and Krishna come together as a husband and wife team at no additional cost to the school.  Alone or with a partner, our presenters are skilled and experienced at managing the smooth running of the day.

Our cancelation policy is as follows:

RESCHEDULING: After you have firmly booked a date, you can reschedule at any time without a cancelation charge, although if a non-refundable hotel booking has been made in connection with your booking, we will need to ask for reimbursement of those hotel costs.

CANCELING: After you have firmly booked a date, if you cancel later than 15 business days before the date of the firm booking we charge a cancellation fee of £50.00. We trust that you will not cancel after confirming a firm booking.

No.  There are no additional charges above those quoted on our FEES tab.  We pay for our travel and hotels ourselves.

If the school would like to give some support with our travel related expenses, we offer the option to allow students to buy a decorative clay diva from India as a memento of the day for £2.00 cash on the day.  We call this our souvenir shop.  As well as helping us out with our travel costs, for which we are very grateful, this also adds another feature of interest for the students!

Payment is not due until after the workshop has taken place, so refunds are not usually an issue.  However, in the unusual situation that a refund is due, we will process it promptly.

Yes, we have public liability insurance with Aegeas Insurance Ltd with an indemnity limit of £5,000,000.  We carry a copy of our insurance certificate to the school for your inspection.

Yes, all our presenters are vetted by the Disclosure and Barring Service and cleared to work with children.  Our presenters all carry with them to the school their current DBS document for your inspection.

Please click on the link to see our risk assessment/safeguarding policy.

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