Packwood Haugh School, Shrewsbury

Dear Krishna,

Thank you for coming to Packwood yesterday morning. We seemed to do so much and the children were hanging on your every word! We all had a lovely time, learning more about Hinduism, about each other and having fun! As we said it is such a valuable experience because we used all our senses and our whole bodies to learn and I know it will stay with the children, just as it had with all the older children who, when they saw you, were reminded of their own experience years before.

Best wishes to you and Indri, look forward to next year.

With best wishes,


Mrs Roz Edwards,

Head of Theology, Philosophy & Religion,

Packwood Haugh School,

Ruyton XI Towns,






The Parker E-ACT Academy, Daventry

Hi Krishna / Indri


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for all of your efforts yesterday, I’ve taught two year 7 classes today and they were incredibly excited about the day you put on for them. As part of the lesson today we looked at this history of Halloween as they study the conversion of England to Christianity in 595 on the slide that asked them about views about life after death they didn’t hesitate to use their knowledge on reincarnation. Which is just one example of the usefulness of this not to mention the cultural awareness it gave them and the opportunity to experience something different and indeed share that with their families who may also be less informed about Hinduism than they should be.

We very much look forward to inviting you back to our academy next year, should you be willing to visit us again and become a part of our ongoing personal development programme


All the very best,


Andrew Dunkley 

Personal Development Lead 

Form Tutor 8ADU / Teacher of Humanities


Dulwich Hamlet Primary School, Dulwich Village

Dear Krishna,

Thank you for this. I have completed the paperwork, so that invoice should go through fine.

Thanks so much again for such a wonderful day on Wednesday. The children – and adults – enjoyed it enormously. Covid permitting, I am planning to book again for next year!

All the best to you both,


Knayton C of E Academy, North Yorks.

Thank you Krishna.

‘We absolutely loved the Hinduism workshop at our school last Thursday, the speakers were incredibly engaging, and the children loved being able to experience worshipping in a Mandir. We were incredibly lucky to be able to see a range of amazing resources linked to the religion and the children left feeling inspired for RE Week! Thank you!

Best wishes,



Boundary Primary School, Blackpool

What a great virtual experience! Krishna and Ian were extremely professional and knowledgeable and ensured the talk was engaging and fun via Zoom.  Our Year 6 children (including two children who were self-isolating) thoroughly enjoyed the experience and valued the opportunity to ask practicing Hindus interesting questions. Our bespoke talk was well planned and there were no technical issues. We look forward to welcoming them back to Boundary again soon!


Miss H. Moyes – Deputy Headteacher

Cholsey Primary School, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Hi Krishna, 

Thank you so much for visiting us at Cholsey yesterday! The children gained so much from the experience. It was lovely to see them all so immersed in the dressing up and dancing (even those who would normally be apprehensive about dressing up!) It was lovely of Indri to link Hindu traditions and beliefs to other religions to meet our curriculum requirements. 

We loved all the activities, our only thought was that perhaps it might have been nice to start with the morning story of Holi so that the children fully understood the story behind the festival before dressing up. This is only a very minor tweak / thought though. 

 I have sent the link to our partnership schools and Sam (our RE lead) had a partnership Skype meeting last night so she recommended you there as well! 

Unfortunately, we won’t need a date for next year. As we have mixed Year 5/6 classes we teach a two year rolling programme so it will be another two years before we get to teach about forgiveness and Holi again, but we will definitely keep you in mind for then! 

Thank you once again for a fantastic morning! 

Lauren Addison

St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Dear Krishna and Indri,

Thank you both for such an insightful and enjoyable workshop this morning. The children had a fantastic time and learnt so much. 

I have scanned in your brochure and emailed it out to my colleagues across our Multi-Academy Partnership.

Looking forward to seeing you both soon!

Best Wishes,


Durston House, Ealing

Dear Krishna,

Thank you for sending through the invoice for the books so promptly.

I have to thank you again for your wonderful workshop which was so colourful, so immersive as well as being incredibly informative.

The photos speak volumes of the boys’ enjoyment of the day and the staff all spoke praisingly of the workshop saying they learnt so much from it.

The staff were not only impressed by the engaging way you delivered your knowledge of the subject but also touched by the spirituality present within you and Indriyesha.

I would be more than happy to book you again next year but unfortunately will not be able to confirm anything until the Autumn term. I will also speak to other colleagues about booking you for the older groups or perhaps booking you for a whole day next year.

Once again, thank you so much for your wonderful workshop and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Kind regards,

Tasneem Outten


Loughton School, Milton-Keynes


Thank you so much for coming.  The children and staff had a wonderful day.  We will be in touch about dates for next year.

Kind regards


King Edward’s School, Bath

Dear Krishna and Indri,

Many thanks for running such a fantastic series of workshops. I have now passed your invoice onto our accounts department. 

You will be pleased to know that not only did you inspire our Y5 pupils, but also our Y3 children. I arrived in school on Thursday to find posters designed by some of our Y3 pupils, advertising a Hindu day they had decided to organise as a response to Indri’s assembly and all the wonderful artefacts which you had set up.

They had fun dressing up in Indian clothes and are currently making a book based on the Little Godz book which I purchased.

We look forward to seeing you again next year,

Best wishes,

Rachel x