A variety of presentation formats is available to complement the studies of secondary students.  We are never too old for experiential learning, and many secondary teachers elect to provide a workshop for their students that tempers lecture and discussion with plenty of hands-on cultural experiences.   Alternatively, some settings require a focused lecture format with questions and answers.  In either case, we are here to facilitate any Hinduism event you may have in mind, from general introductory workshops to GCSE and A-Level review to inter-faith conferences.

Explore below our secondary learning modules to see some possible Hinduism topics, learning activities, and presentation formats. Then continue on a tour via the green button at the bottom to learn more about topics and themes, prices, and planning for and booking your Hinduism day.

Respect and Hospitality

Learning about the Hindu understanding of the spiritual self and its impact on all of life’s dealings, from greeting with the word “Namaste” to receiving a guest.

Academic Presentation

Bright young minds never fail to engage with the philosophy of the Vedas.  We present this timeless teaching with clarity and relevance for the youth of today.

Formal Lecture

Ethical issues in Hinduism.  Reincarnation.  One God or many?  Western students make meaning out of the unfamiliar with the help of one of our clear speaking presenters.

Informal Presentation

An experience of fun and intellectual stimulation where real connections with Hindu people are made, and Hinduism becomes relevant and accessible.

Revision for Exams

We’ll walk your students point by point through your exam study guide bringing each concept to life and making it unforgettable.

Relaxation and Reflection

Young people need tools to manage the stresses of life both in and out of school.  We teach the yogic skill of pranayama breathing is one route in to mental health.

Guided Role Play

A plethora of stories illustrate key concepts and cultural phenomena in Hinduism–and there’s no better way to acquaint oneself with a story than to step inside it!

Questions and Answers Sessions

Curiosity piqued and hearts warmed by the experiences of an interactive session, students take their learning further by interviewing the presenter.

Dressing as Gods and Goddesses

Dressing up aids students with simple identification of the various Hindu deities, and is a great vehicle for exploring the often puzzling subject of Hindu theology.

Dressing in Traditional Costume

All students try on a sari or turban and prayer shawl with many dressing independently after our demonstration.  The end result is always stunning!

Stick Dance

Students learn the dandiya rasa circle dance, tapping and twirling with colourful sticks to music.  Consider using this activity for a follow-up school performance!

Face and Hand Painting

Building on basic painting techniques, students develop authentically styled face and hand decorations to paint on each other’s hands and faces.  Delightful!

Q&A on a Panel

Students come prepared to guide the direction of the presentation, eliciting information most relevant to them by posing well thought out questions.

Arati Ceremony Demonstration

Used both for welcoming a person and for worshipping the deity at the shrine, the arati ceremony can be performed at your school for students to observe.

Mock Hindu Wedding

A fabulous vehicle for teaching many aspects of Hindu culture, our mock Hindu wedding makes for a lively, involved extended session.


In an hour or less we can provide a brief survey of Hinduism or focus on a topic of your choice.  Available by special arrangement.  Please enquire.

Beautiful Hand Painted Divas

You have the option to allow students to buy a decorative clay diva from India as a memento of the day.  Let us know if you would like to include this option.