Our experiential learning modules for primary school pupils are activity based, while also including a degree of interactive listening to stories and other animated, child-friendly verbal presentations. In consultation with you, our presenters plan a programme of hands-on activities for your pupils to engage with, according to their ability and learning styles. Some of the modules are topic specific, while others have diverse applications and can be adapted creatively to present or highlight a variety of subjects or themes of your choice. The first four modules, Greeting and Garlands, Relaxation and Reflection, The Trimurti, and Dressing up Workshop, are generally featured in every session by default. The others are used selectively. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with our team.

Explore below our primary learning modules. Then continue on a tour via the yellow button at the top or bottom to learn more about topics and themes, prices, and planning for and booking your Hinduism day.

Greeting and Offering Garlands

Saying “Namaste” with a bow and folded palms, offering garlands, learning about the spiritual self and why and how Hindus offer respect to others.

Relaxation and Reflection

Learning the technique of yoga breathing, pranayama, a means of centring oneself in the midst of the bustle of daily life that produces a state of calm well-being.

The Hindu Trimurti

Dressing as the three primary Hindu deities and their consorts, learning about their roles in the universe, and gaining an understanding of Hindu thought on God.

Dressing Up Workshop

Dressing in traditional Hindu costume: saris for girls, turbans and prayer shawls for boys.  Wearing and learning about the significance of a bindi dot on the forehead.

Dandiya Rasa Dance

Dancing to traditional Indian dance music, exchanging tapping of colourful sticks with multiple partners.  It’s a great bonding activity, and a must for lively characters!

Dance Drama

India’s version of fingerplay, Bharat Natyam dance uses delightful hand actions to help tell a story.  We come with a good collection to share with your young children.

Guided Role Play

Entering into the story risk free by role playing with props and costume under the expert guidance of our presenter–or watching a classmate do so.

Face and Hand Painting

Enjoying painting a friend’s face and hands with patterns that are really used at Hindu weddings and festivals–and then having their face and hands painted too!

A Day In the Life

Hearing about the unusual ways the presenter has of doing ordinary things, such as brushing teeth with a twig!  And also about some exciting exploits in India!

Arati Demonstration

Observing a guided exploration of this daily temple function, which doubles as a welcoming ceremony and a form of Hindu worship, puja.

Story Time

Listening to one of our large collection of traditional Hindu tales, some factual, some allegorical, told with the help of our lovely soft toy festival dolls from India.

Rama and Sita Story

Entering into the ever popular Diwali story of the kidnapping of Sita retold in an exciting way with drama elements that draw children in.

Questions and Answers

From “Why do you have that dot on your forehead?” to “Do you remember your previous life?”, children’s curiosity is always a catalyst for a lively, interesting session!

Mock Hindu Wedding

How Hindus dress, how they live, how they worship, what they believe–it all comes together in a fabulous, humorous hour of fun at a mock Hindu wedding!

Exploring Artefacts

Conch shells that really blow like trumpets, arati lamps and peacock fans are amongst the many authentic items we bring for children to use, look at, and play with!

Animals of India

Favourites with young children, the lions, tigers, and monkeys of India open the gateway to learning about the country they inhabit in our interactive discussions.

Welcoming and Hospitality

Kind words, a sitting place, an offering of food or drink.  Through stories and drama, children learn about these simple ways of honouring a guest in Hinduism.

Making Sandalwood Paste

This hands-on workshop has children producing real sandalwood paste with a grinding slab, sandalwood stick, rosewater and strands of saffron.

Souvenir Shop

You have the option to allow pupils to buy a decorative clay diva from India as a keepsake for £2 cash on the day.  Let us know if you would like to include this option.