Cholsey Primary School, Wallingford, Oxfordshire

Hi Krishna, 

Thank you so much for visiting us at Cholsey yesterday! The children gained so much from the experience. It was lovely to see them all so immersed in the dressing up and dancing (even those who would normally be apprehensive about dressing up!) It was lovely of Indri to link Hindu traditions and beliefs to other religions to meet our curriculum requirements. 

We loved all the activities, our only thought was that perhaps it might have been nice to start with the morning story of Holi so that the children fully understood the story behind the festival before dressing up. This is only a very minor tweak / thought though. 

 I have sent the link to our partnership schools and Sam (our RE lead) had a partnership Skype meeting last night so she recommended you there as well! 

Unfortunately, we won’t need a date for next year. As we have mixed Year 5/6 classes we teach a two year rolling programme so it will be another two years before we get to teach about forgiveness and Holi again, but we will definitely keep you in mind for then! 

Thank you once again for a fantastic morning! 

Lauren Addison