Our CPD and INSET courses feature facilitated discussion around subject knowledge and pedagogy, practical trialling of teaching activities for use in the classroom, and a teaching resources shop.

Explore below our CPD AND INSET learning modules to see some possible topics and learning activities. Then continue on a tour via the green button at the bottom to learn more about topics and themes, prices, and planning for and booking your event.

Traditional Hindu Welcome

Our introduction includes learning the “Namaste” greeting, uttering the word with folded palms and a small bow.  Then we’ll meet each other and preview the agenda.

Challenges in Teaching Hinduism

Delegates share about their experiences teaching Hinduism as we identify aspects of teaching that need a bit of a boost in this facilitated discussion.

The Use of Artefacts

Teachers are surrounded by authentic artefacts from India, some familiar friends, some new acquaintances, and discover their uses through a range of hands-on activities.

Setting Up a Display

Making a display on Hinduism is similar to setting up a Hindu shrine, insomuch as it brings together special and significant objects to attract and focus the mind.

Yoga Breathing for Relaxation

The breathing technique ‘pranayama’, used in yoga and meditation, relaxes and centres, bringing relief from stress–a great skill for you to pass on to students.

Guided Role Play

Help your students step inside stories that show philosophy in action and make unfamiliar images unforgettable.  We share techniques and subject matter.

Traditional Costume

Learn the wrapping and folding techniques of dressing in a sari, turban, and/or prayer shawl–a fascinating and highly engaging activity to share with students.

The Trimurti

Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, Shiva the Destroyer–dressing up as the Hindu Trimurti gives you a great way in to the topic of Hindu theology.

Dandiya Rasa Dance

Tap colourful sticks and twirl round the circle to authentic Indian stick dance music–and learn the history behind the dance.  This is an activity with performance potential!

Festival Face and Hand Painting

Get acquainted with Indian face paints and the use of a small wand to apply authentic designs with dots and streaks–equally charming on hands and faces!

Arati Ceremony Demonstration

Offerings of incense, lamps, lace, and flowers; of water in a shell, and conch shells that blow like trumpets.  The arati ceremony is used both for welcoming a guest, and for worship.

Making Flower Garlands

Get hands on and creative with real flowers and a needle and string.  Design, then thread one of these beautiful flower necklaces that is used for greeting and worship.

Making Divas and Ghee Wicks

Take a few painted clay divas from India back to your school for your students to model theirs on.  Learn the skill of making a ghee wick to burn inside the diva.

Mock Hindu Wedding

We can bring together the skills and knowledge you gain on the day in a mock Hindu wedding.  Learn the key parts of the ceremony and the rationale behind them.

Questions and Answers Session

You’ll be taking a host of new experiences and ideas away with you at the end of the day.  Ask us all the questions you want before you go until you have total clarity.

Resources Shop

Equip your school with resources.  We bring you teaching packs and books for primary and secondary, as well as festival dolls, garments, and other fabulous teaching tools.