Covid-19 Information

We are both offering online teaching lessons and school visits with extra safety procedures in place. If you require online sessions, please contact our office to discuss your requirements. For visits to schools please note the following.

Hinduism Education services is adapting their presentations according to the latest guidelines delivered by the Department for Education. We are instituting a general “system of controls. The DofE article states that: “There cannot be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach where the system of controls describes every scenario. School leaders will be best placed to understand the needs of their schools and communities and to make informed judgments about how to balance delivering a broad and balanced curriculum with the measures needed to manage risk. ” We can therefore contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

Our general measures are as follows:

  • We will abide by the social distancing measures. Therefore certain teaching modules which normally involve close contact with pupils can be adapted or replaced with alternative modules. We will discuss this with you during the booking process.
  • Outside of teaching situations HES staff will wear face masks according to the rules outlined by the Department of Educations and in line with the individual schools guidelines. At primary level face masks are not deemed necessary; let us know if you have your own extra requirements.
  • HES staff are to wash/sanitise hands at the beginning and end of each lesson.
  • HES teaching equipment can be cleaned at the end of each session, or as required. Hard items including dance sticks are cleaned with surface cleaner or water and disinfectant.
  • The government advice gives the alternative (to sanitising) of quarantining equipment. If you stipulate this, we might have to limit the amount of artefacts we display for each session.
  • Fabrics can be steam cleaned prior to each visit in accordance with the guidance on the website. Generally fabric is considered by health professionals to be low risk compared to hard surfaces like plastic and stainless steel.
  • Vehicles are internally cleansed with a sanitiser after each school visit.
  • Our cancellation charge of £50 will not apply if you need to cancel because of closure or other limitations due to Covid-19.
  • If our staff need to self-isolate we might need to cancel.

Please feel free to discuss your needs with us. We wish you well in giving your pupils a happy and safe environment for their continued education.