Back with a new name!

At the start of this 2016-2017 school year Avesha Presentations Hinduism Workshops for Schools has come back with a new name: Hinduism Education Services!  We hope you like our new name, which we think more clearly expresses what we do and what we are all about.

So what are we up to this year?  Krishna’s husband Indriyesha has joined her as a partner in the company, while other colleagues have gone on to various other callings.  Krishna and Indri are very excited by the newfound advantages and challenges of a husband and wife team learning to work together.  We have our days, but we’re gradually getting there.  In general, we go out singly on our school visits, but once in a while it’s nice to travel and work together.  We both love the adventure of being able to travel to and work with schools in every corner of England, Wales and Scotland, and we are incredibly grateful for the many, many opportunities we get to connect and share with children, youth, and educators.  It is our aim to contribute in an effective and meaningful way to peace building and loving intercultural relationships amongst communities in Britain, and we hope that whatever good we are able to do here will spread out in a ripple effect around the world.

In addition to running workshops on Hinduism at schools, Indriyesha is also available  for telephone consultation to educators seeking advice on teaching Hinduism.  So if you need help, give him a call.  He’ll be happy to talk to you.  Students, with the referral and supervision of a parent or teacher, may also call for information and advice regarding Hinduism study projects.

Indri and Krishna are joined by our new website developer David Kingston, and consultants Naina Patel, and Rasamandala Das.