Lord Rama appeared on Earth many thousands of years ago during the Hindu age of Treta, on the ninth day of the waxing moon, in the Indian lunar calendar’s month of Chaitra (March-April).  Each year Hindus celebrate this day as Lord Rama’s birthday (or “appearance day”, since Rama does not actually take birth like a mortal being).  The Rama Navami puja rituals, chanting of Shri Rama, and other celebrations take place in the hours just before noon, reaching their peak at 12.00 noon, the moment of the Lord’s appearance.

20 MARCH, 2019 – HOLI

Holi is a religious festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world.  Following Diwali, it is considered the second biggest festival on the Hindu calendar.  Holi is also known as the Festival of Colours due to the playful practice of throwing coloured powders over one another in the streets and open places.

The Holi festival is named after Holika, the aunt of Prince Prahlad, who unsuccessfully attempted to aid her wicked brother Hiranyakashipu by casting the little boy into the flames of a fire.   Students will enjoy discovering this story with its many twists and turns, and its timeless theme of celebrating child protection.

Holi is celebrated all over India, but the celebrations that take place in the region of Braj (near New Delhi), where Lord Krishna appeared and had his pastimes 5000 years ago, are cherished with most affection by many Hindus.


Shivaratri is the Hindu festival celebrating Lord Shiva.  Ratri’ means night, and Shivaratri celebrations take place during the night.  There are twelve Shivaratris in a year, one occurring each lunar month.  However, Maha Shivaratri, meaning “the great Shivaratri”, occurs just once a year on the 13th night of the waning moon in the Hindu month of Phalguna (February-March).  Shivaratri nights are considered a time when darkness and ignorance in one’s life and in the world can be overcome by prayer and an all-night vigil (jagaran).  Offerings are made to Shiva of fruits, leaves, sweets and milk.  For the monthly Shivaratris, the following day, devotees perform all-day fasting and worship of Shiva, and some perform meditative yoga.  In Shiva temples, “Om Namah Shivaya”, the sacred mantra of Shiva, is chanted throughout this day.  Maha Shivaratri celebrations will run, in a similar vein, from three to ten days.

Packwood Haugh School, near Shrewsbury


Dear Krishna,

I hope you are well?

Please could you pass on our thanks to Indra for coming today. I had to get back to lessons so I didn’t quite see him as he left. The children had a very worthwhile morning with him and it was all very much appreciated by myself and our Year 5 children. We all learnt something new and we had some fun!

Many thanks

Best wishes to you and your team.



Mrs Roz Edwards,

Head of Religious Studies


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Fleetwood

Indri was amazing. What a lovely gentleman to speak to. His resources and organisation was excellent. He gave us some lovely feedback too. We will definitely be organising another celebration of living in a multi-faith society next academic year. Once I know when I will definitely get you booked in.

 Thank you for all of your help in organising it.

Catherine Sewell

Woolton Primary School, Liverpool


Dear Krishna

We had the most wonderful day yesterday as always.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and have learnt lots of new things.  The day is always so well balanced with the right mix of educational content and fun!  The wide selection of excellent resources kept all the children engaged.  This is our third year and we will be booking again for next year soon.

Many thanks to yourself and Indri






Knayton C of E Academy, near Thirsk

Hello Indri and Krishna,


Sorry for the late response, we had an inspection that last Friday of half term which took up all of our focus.


I would just like to say though how amazing Indri was and how much both our children and staff enjoyed the workshop. As discussed with Indri we have recently converted to an academy and will share your business with our sister schools. All staff said you were one of the best workshops we have ever had! If you would like us to write you a review somewhere, we would love to!



Best wishes,

Hannah Spencer

Curriculum Leader

Professional Leader of Religious Education (PLRE)



Diwali, or Deepavali, commonly called the “Festival of Lights”, is a five day autumn festival celebrated by Hindus worldwide.  It is also honoured by Sikhs, and is of significance to Jain and Buddhist communities since it celebrates not only the triumphant return of Rama and Sita to their capital, Ayodhya, but many other events involving various other deities.  Diwali offers a great opportunity for you to bring your classroom alive with its breadth of rich, colourful culture. It is never too late to celebrate; we provide special Diwali sessions throughout October and November, even into early December!

Happy Diwali!

Sutton on Trent Primary School

Thanks Krishna,


We had a great day – we couldn’t believe how many resources Indri had – that really added to the experience for the children. They loved the day and learnt so much – as did the staff!


As we are a small school, we do a 4 yearly cycle so we’ll be in touch in 4 years!


Many thanks also for responses to emails/ planning stage, which was really good.




Norwich High School for Girls (GDST)

Dear Krishna and Indri,

It was great seeing you both and the girls very much enjoyed the day.
I think it work particularly well having both of you there, although I realise that this might not always be possible. The structure of the day worked very well doing the story telling and listening first and then the more practical activities. I very much like the interactive way of story telling as it get the girls involved and they pay more attention. The dancing, dressing up, make up and the wedding are just the ticket.
So, thanks again and we would love to have you here again next year.
Hope that works out.

Best wishes!


Mr AC Emerson-Moering

Head of Religious Studies