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Two Year 5 pupils got really creative at Alkborough Primary School today and decided to paint Mrs Hinsley’s feet!  Each foot done by a different artist. Published with kind permission of Mrs Hinsley

Highcliffe School, Dorset

Thank you for visiting our school again. The students all really enjoyed the workshops.  They were still talking about it today.  The workshops fitted brilliantly into our day and the staff who were there throughout the day said they liked that each workshop was slightly different, as it meant that though the students all had […]

St Paul’s Peel CE Primary School

Indri’s workshop was magical and the Year 4 children were rapt. We had a truly wonderful morning.  The children took on board the spiritual element and are still talking about the stories they heard.  The photographs we took were used in an assembly on the workshop presented by our class, when the children retold their experiences.  Thank […]

Saxmundham Primary School

Krishna’s style of sharing information about her faith is very open and personal, and wonderfully supported by her wide range of artefacts, many of which were available at our INSET evening to purchase if we so wished. As a school with only a few appropriate resources prior to the visit, this was a great help […]

Kings of Wessex Academy

Just before the summer holidays, we Year 9 students were given a session with a Hindu priest called Indriyesha to celebrate Hinduism. However, the session was not as we all had expected. Indri helped the students learn meditation, and we learnt about some Hindu traditions, such as respecting all life, and giving flower garland to loved ones. Some of us were even […]

Turriff Academy, Aberdeenshire

Krishna’s presentation on Hinduism was an excellent display of knowledge, visual content, stories, dressing up and pupil interaction. The presenter has a lovely manner with the students, explaining the Hindu concepts gently but effectively and constantly checking the understanding of the students through various means. Krishna spent three periods with our S2 pupils (age 12), which […]

St Ivo School, Cambridgeshire

Year 7 were very impressed with the workshop that was delivered by Indriyesha today.   The students thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the information given, the lovely mix of colours and materials that they were allowed to wear, and being able to participate in the wedding ceremony.  They enjoyed their learning by actually experiencing the culture firsthand. St Ivo […]

St Edmund’s RC Primary School, Suffolk

When the children in Year 3 heard that they were going to have a visitor to talk about a Hindu wedding, they were excited, but didn’t know what to expect. What they got was a fantastic morning of hands-on experience and a unique chance to dress up as the wedding party and guests. The children […]

Eastbrook Primary Academy, West Sussex

I wanted to say what a fantastic day the children (and staff!) had with Indri! The workshop was delivered brilliantly and everybody learnt so much! My class are using a lot of the day for our class assembly to the rest of the school. The opportunities for them to be fully involved and try out […]

Back with a new name!

At the start of this 2016-2017 school year Avesha Presentations Hinduism Workshops for Schools has come back with a new name: Hinduism Education Services!  We hope you like our new name, which we think more clearly expresses what we do and what we are all about. So what are we up to this year?  Krishna’s husband Indriyesha has […]